Value of 'null' is not valid for 'stream'

Mar 23, 2014 at 4:01 PM
Edited Mar 23, 2014 at 4:04 PM
I've installed the 2012 setup, opened up VS (2012), created a new SSIS Project and package refreshed the toolbar, added in a component, then when I double-click to edit properties I get the below.

However... if I don't double-click it and just edit the properties...all is fine :)

Update... I've just realised there's a bug for this already. Can't delete thread sorry.

Value of 'null' is not valid for 'stream'. (Microsoft Visual Studio)

Program Location:

at System.Drawing.Icon..ctor(Stream stream, Int32 width, Int32 height)
at System.Drawing.Icon..ctor(Stream stream, Size size)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.IntegrationServices.Designer.Common.ImageSourceHelper.GetIconFromResource(Assembly assembly, String resourceName, Boolean isLarge)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.DesignUtils.ExtractManagedBitmap(String fileName, String resName, Boolean large)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.DesignUtils.ExtractBitmap(String fileName, String iconResource, Boolean isNative, Boolean large)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.PipelineUtils.GetComponentIcon(IDTSComponentMetaData100 componentMetadata, IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.FunctionLevelMappingUI..ctor(FunctionLevelComponentUI componentUI, IUserPromptService promptService)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.FunctionLevelComponentUI.EditImpl(IWin32Window parentControl)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.DtsComponentUI.Edit(IWin32Window parentWindow, Variables variables, Connections connections)
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