refactor the Connection details into a DTSConnection

Sep 19, 2012 at 3:27 AM

Would you consider refactoring the AD Connection details into a class inheriting from (SSIS's) ConnectionManagerBase?

This would place the connection to AD in the ConnectionManagers (ie:
public class LDAPDataConnection : ConnectionManagerBase
), and the LDAPDataflowSource could then use this to obtain its connectino details.

Then if you had multiple LDAP sources (perhaps to compare different OUs etc), then this would allow a common connection definition.

This connection could also be used for an AD Destination as well.



Sep 21, 2012 at 3:20 PM

I would.

Actually, when I first started this project this is how I implemented the connection component, as a ConnectionManager. Though the scenarios where one would need multiple source components pointing to the same domain never really came-up, so I opted out to simplify the solution by packaging everything into a single DLL.

The scenario which does come-up almost every time is exporting data from every domain in a forest, but because each domain has a specific connection string (domainOrHostName), ConnectionManager would not help here, as a matter of fact an end-user would have to create a connectionManager per domain.

The reason, I would like to revisit that decision is because the source component is getting kind of big, and it would good to refactor the connection portion into a separate dll. This also would be inline with the general SSIS practices on developing source components.