1. The Ldap Source component relies on several assemblies (see screenshot below), which are installed as part of Client Tools SDK. If these DLLs are not present on your system, run SQL setup and add this component.

The screenshot is taken from SQL Server 2012 hence the 110 folder, on SQL 2008R2 the DLLs would be found in the 100 folder.



2. Download the version appropriate for your version of SQL server from the http://adssis.codeplex.com/releases

3. Run setup. If you changed the default location of SQL server installation, use the change button to navigate to the location of the PipelineComponents folder on your server. 


4. Add Ldap Source Component to the SSIS Toolbox

On SQL 2012

Start SQL Server Data Tools.

Create new Integration Services Project

Switch to the Data Flow Tab

Right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select Refresh Toolbox


LDAP Source component should now be present in the Common Section


Optionally, right-click on the LDAP Source component and select move to Other Sources


Start SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

Go to Tools and select Choose Toolbox Items…

Switch to the SSIS Data Flow Items

Set checkbox against the LDAP Source component


If you start new or open existing Integration Services Project, LDAP Source component should now appear under Data Flow Sources


Important note on integrating LDAP Source component into new or existing projects

Since LDAP Source component relies on certain SQL DLLs, which were explicitly compiled for x86, the component itself is also compiled for x86. For this reason you need to change the Run64BitRuntime property of your projects to False.


Failure to do so will result in the project failure at runtime.


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